IT Networks for Schools

An IT network from Agile ICT is engineered to a much higher standard than others which means it requires less support. The benefits to the school are:

  1. Your “IT just works” – so you do not suffer the level of interruptions that stop you doing your jobs
  2. It costs you less – the Total Cost of Ownership of an Agile engineered network is cheaper than the slower and less stable platforms offered by others
IT networks for schools


The ICT infrastructure is the physical foundation on which a network is built and developed on, hence its importance in the creation of robust and reliable networks.


The flow through all the network components needs to be optimised as one rogue element can dramatically affect the performance that the user experiences.


The role of the server is obviously key – it requires an expert to design and configure and this too is subject to the rule that it will only run as fast as its slowest component.


You need to make sure the wireless solution you choose can handle this very high data throughput and density for a whole class logging in at once.

All our schools have found that choosing an Agile ICT solution will deliver a faster and more reliable solution than their previous providers. The performance and stability of our solutions means they require less support from us which in turn delivers genuine and tangible cost savings for the school. These savings can often run into thousands of pounds per year.

Previous supplier


hour of support a week

With Agile ICT


hours of support a month

Free Health check

As part of our service, Agile ICT offers a ‘School ICT Health Check’ conducted by our experienced Account Managers and expert Technicians. The Health Check is a comprehensive assessment of the school’s current ICT state detailing information about the school’s network, infrastructure, servers, switches, cabling, wireless, current machine specifications and interactive devices.

The report outlines what ICT resources are present, and subsequently identifies the key components required to bring the school’s existing infrastructure up to, at least, the minimum standard demanded by Government. As every school is different, we make sure we fully understand your school’s specific requirements in order to recommend and provide the best possible solution. We will also offer a ‘rolling strategy’ plan outlining the steps your school should follow to achieve a robust and sustainable network.

Furthermore, we invest heavily in staff training to offer valuable and reliable advice. We stand behind our recommendations and that is why we offer a ‘money-back’ guarantee on all our products and services if our customers are not 100% happy with the results.

  • Free and tailored advice based on your current ICT setup
  • An easy to follow development plan explaining each part of our recommended solution
  • Step by step process on how to upgrade your network and equipment


Conducted by our experienced Account Managers and expert Technicians.



Comprehensive assessment of your school’s current ICT system.


We recommend and provide only the best solutions for your school.