About Us

Agile ICT was founded in 2008 and we offer a one-stop shop for IT support, solutions and services for schools in Hampshire, Dorset, West Sussex, Wiltshire and other locations in the south. We deal exclusively with schools and are the only UK supplier of IT support, solutions and services to schools, to have ever been featured in the Parliamentary Review. 

To achieve what a school needs from their ICT, it is critical to optimise each of the components in the network chain and to deliver an infrastructure that is fast and works reliably.

One-stop shop IT support, solutions and services

We offer the widest range of IT solutions to schools, all delivered by our own staff (not outsourced to 3rd parties).

Fixed price IT solutions for schools

We are the only supplier with the confidence to offer all our services with a unique Fixed Price + Money Back Guarantee.


No contracts

We do not impose contracts on our schools – we want you to use us because you are delighted, not because you are locked into a contract.

Financially strong IT provider for schools

We are very financially strong and so the lowest risk for your school to work with.

High standards

Our solutions are engineered to a higher standard which means they work better and cost you less.


Giving back

All our customers are referenceable, and we are constantly giving back to them.

Our friendly team

We are known for our friendly approach to all things ICT; this is built upon the knowledge that the company invests in the team’s specialist training, presentation and offering them strong support in the execution of their duties. The team presents themselves in a precise and consistent way with their recognisable bright orange shirts and matching fleeces – always looking professional as they go about their work. They can easily be spotted in your school so that teachers and pupils know their IT is being looked after and why they are there.

At Agile ICT we like to hire the best – we attract the best talent due to the service principles that we follow, providing an environment in which our staff can perform and be offered market leading remuneration packages. We also provide our Technicians and Account Managers with funky metallic orange branded cars for when they are out and about at schools.

Our Technicians are supported by our fully qualified Installation Engineers who operate from our fleet of metallic orange vans. All of our staff are Enhanced DBS checked.

You can trust us

You can trust Agile ICT to not let you down – every school that has moved to us has said they received a better service and reduced their costs.

Agile ICT is the only ICT supplier to schools, in the whole of the UK, to have ever been featured in the Parliamentary Review, having been recognised for Innovation and Best Practice. Our Managing Director was also asked to become a member of the “The Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland” which involves advising MPs, Ministers and Civil Servants, when requested.


Invitation only

The Parliamentary Review is “invitation only” – you cannot apply or ask to be featured.

Background checking

The Parliamentary Review team undertakes significant background checking of the company and its owners/directors.